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Harrogate Advent Calendar

The Harrogate Advent Calendar 2023

Magical giveaways from the best of Harrogate this Christmas!

Join us on Facebook and Instagram this Christmas for daily offers and news from local businesses that will make your Christmas!

Harrogate Advent Calendar

How it works

Every day from 1st of December, Father Christmas is opening an advent door of a local business or event in Harrogate.

Some days there’ll be prizes to be won, other days there’ll be announcements of magic that is being shared with the local community. 

But everyday you’ll be in for a treat to see being the doors the work of many many elves that have been working together to make Christmas even more magical for the Harrogate community this year.


Details of all offers, prizes or announcements will be included in each daily post.

For any ‘win’ posts, winners will be picked at 10am the following morning unless otherwise stated in the post.

To find the latest posts, visit Enchantica’s Instagram or Facebook pages below, or search for #harrogateadventcalendar2023  

Harrogate Advent Calendar

Get involved

All our slots for this year’s advent calendar are full, but if you’re a local Harrogate business and are interested in appearing in the 2024 Harrogate Advent Calendar, drop us a quick message and we’ll put you on the list for next year’s magic!

Harrogate Advent Calendar Father Christmas visits local Harrogate businesses