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Family Story Yoga with Enchantica’s Rising Stars

Family Story Yoga - Rising Stars
Picture of Fairy Enchantica
Fairy Enchantica

Family Story Yoga now at Enchantica's Workshop

Family Story Yoga - Rising Stars

Story Yoga

We've been delivering story yoga family sessions at Harlow Carr, David Lloyd and other local festivals over the past few years, and will continue to do so as we love taking our story yoga magic far and wide.

We get so much positive feedback from these sessions and are always being asked to do more! People particular enjoy the fact that siblings of different ages can enjoy these sessions together, so we're delighted to create something special...

Rising Stars Family Yoga

Rising Stars Family Classes

As part of Enchantica's Rising Stars well-being programme for children, we're delighted to be offering a new family sessions at our workshop in Harrogate.

Families with children aged 3-8 yrs can now enjoy regular family yoga sessions with Suzie in Harrogate.

Rising Stars Family Yoga

The benefits:

Each class teaches yoga and mindfulness techniques through story adventures to...

• encourage physical and vocal expression

• build confidence and concentration

• develop communication and listening skills

• help children understand and manage their emotions

• encourage creativity and allow children to bring their own ideas to life

• improve focus and self-esteem

• encourage children to be imaginative

• give children the tools to independently manage their emotions and well-being

• encourage children to try new things

• embracing a growth mindset, believing in the power of themselves and their brains!

PLUS they are lots of fun to do with siblings and adults too! Children and their grown-ups will enjoy learning, creating, expressing, connecting and practicing together.

Rising Stars Family Yoga

Join a class

Classes are taught by Suzie who specialises in Children’s Performance Art training, Educational Theatre and teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to Children.

These family sessions are active classes designed for 1 child and 1 adult to participate in together, or 2 siblings and one adult (please book the 2 child option).

The classes are suitable for children aged 3-8yrs; the mixed age range not only allowing more families to come along, but also creating a rich learning environment where different children can learn from each other.

Classes are booked in blocks and each session lasts approx. 45 minutes. Individual drop in sessions are also available to book for these classes.

April/May Sessions

Rising Stars Family (3-8yrs)

Thursdays at 4.30pm


Fridays at 11am

Get in touch

If you have any questions at all or would like to find out more about our well-being offering for children, or would like to book us for a private family yoga session, or Story Yoga, Suzie Beats, Rising Stars, Musical Theatre or Creative Dance sessions at your venue or event, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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