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New Well-being Classes for April / May 2024

After school clubs
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Fairy Enchantica

Well-being classes in Harrogate for 0-11yrs

Enchantica's well-being classes for children

Rising Stars

Designed as a follow-on class for the ever popular Suzie Beats classes for 0-3yrs, we're thrilled to be expanding our Rising Stars well-being classes to more age groups and children than ever before.

Rising Stars sessions combine drama, yoga and mindfulness into an immersive learning experience teaching children to shine bright.

Sessions include yoga, drama, stories, movement, singing, dance, speech exercises, along with mindfulness and relaxation. The sessions have been designed to help children relax, improve their self-esteem, focus, be imaginative and creative, sleep better and make friends…. And to the children it feels like “magic club”!

Each session teaches age-appropriate yoga and mindfulness techniques through story adventures. Participating pupils will learn how to manage difficult emotions, how to bring their own ideas to life and improve focus and self-esteem. Children are encouraged to try new things embrace a growth mindset and believe in the power of themselves and their brains, developing lots of confidence along the way.

Classes are taught by our Rising Stars teachers who specialises in Children’s Performance Art training, Educational Theatre and teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to Children.

April/May Sessions

Rising Stars Family Classes (ages 3-8yrs)

Thursdays at 4.30pm

Fridays at 11am


Term blocks or drop-in sessions available / please note that an accompanying / participating adult is required for every child or ‘two siblings’.

Afterschool Clubs

We also run Rising Stars sessions at afterschool clubs locally for Oatlands Infants (Mondays – yrs 1&2) and St Peter’s Primary (Tuesdays – yrs 1-3).

If your child is at one of these schools, you can book onto sessions here.

After School Clubs - Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

After running a successful Musical Theatre session exclusively for Oatlands Infants last term, we are delighted to be able to open these classes up to more children this spring.

Musical theatre sessions combine dance, singing, acting and physical theatre.

These sessions work on skills such as: connecting movement and actions to the lyrics, retaining these movements and lyrics, adding new elements and layers to the performance each week, spatial awareness and partner work. All while maintaining our ethos of giving every child a space to shine bright.

As with all our well-being classes, there is also a focus on mindfulness and relaxation with our cool down sequence to reflect on everything we have achieved.

April / May Sessions *20%off*

Musical Theatre (KS1 ages 5-7)

Mondays at 4.30pm

Wednesdays at 4.15pm

Musical Theatre (KS2 ages 7-11)

Tuesdays at 4.15pm

Booking is in term blocks as sessions build on previous weeks leading up to a final performance.

You are more than welcome to book onto the Creative Dance session afterwards and enjoy two classes back to back.

Well-being workshops for kids

Creative Dance

BRAND NEW FOR 2024, creative dance sessions are a fabulously fun way for your children to get moving in a free and creative way. We will work through different dance/movement styles in each class to all their favourite songs creating a safe and exciting environment for free expression.

As with all our classes there is a well-being focus. For this class it will be focussed around what the different movements and music make you feel. It will help your children to understand how their emotions develop physically and give them the knowledge of what helps them feel good.

As well as the emotional benefits, there are also the physical benefits; fun energetic movement, spatial awareness, coordination and control, breath work, warm up, and cool down practice.

The class is flexible and led by the needs and wants of the children, with song requests and dance styles taken into consideration for the following week.

April / May Sessions *20% off*

Creative Dance (KS1 ages 5-7)

Wednesdays at 5pm

Creative Dance (KS2 ages 7-11)

Tuesdays at 5pm

Booking is in term blocks as sessions build on previous weeks leading up to a final performance.

You are more than welcome to book onto the Musical Theatre session beforehand and enjoy two classes back to back.

Get in touch

If you have any questions at all or would like to find out more about our well-being offering for children, or would like to book us for Story Yoga, Suzie Beats, Rising Stars, Musical Theatre or Creative Dance sessions at your venue or event, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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